Grass Reinforcement Products

From $195.80 per roll

Grass Reinforcement Mesh

Grass Reinforcement Mesh is a heavy duty grass protection for homes and commercial applications.

From $251.36 per Panel


A ground reinforcement solution suited for sloping areas, tree root protection and parking areas..

From $94.60 per roll

Turf Reinforcement Mesh

TR4 turf reinforcement meshes have been specially designed, using carefully selected high density plastics...

$77.00 per m2


TruckGrid are heavy- weight plastic porous paving grids that are designed for heavy-weight traffic.

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$27.50 per m2

EconoGrid 40® Pavers

EconoGrid 40® is a porous paver that can provide a solution to a wide range of trafficking needs over grass surfaces.

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$38.50 per piece

TruckGrid Max

TRUCKGRID-Max permeable paving grids provide a wearing surface that is needed to manage the pressures and tensions...

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$25.00 per pack of 50

Steel Fastening Pins

Steel Fastening pins used for securing Grass Reinforcement product to the ground. Available in 3 sizes...

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