Porous Pavers

Are you dreaming of the soft look of a natural ground cover, like grass or loose stones, but with the structural integrity of something sturdier, like bitumen or concrete? Thankfully, there’s no longer a need to choose between strength and style. With porous pavers, you can get the best of both worlds.

These permeable slabs utilise a robust plastic mesh that can be overlayed on pretty much any surface. Made from incredibly durable plastic, the pavers are comfortably able to withstand the weight of a vehicle – and are formed almost entirely from recycled material.

Porous Paver

Applications of Porous Pavers

The mesh allows for the natural ground cover to take centre stage while giving it the stability and strength to be used as a traffic area. Grass can be grown through the pavers (and will often do better with the protection of the pavers than without), allowing you to use your lawn as you wish without the fear of creating dips and channels. Likewise, porous pavers can be laid atop gravel or stones to ensure that the surface stays in place and doesn’t kick up water, dirt, or the stones themselves.

Helping against flooding and build-up of storm water is another advantage of our permeable pavements. They have an impressive strength threshold and are highly functional, making them ideal for parking lots, industrial grass uses, and high impact zones.

Perfect for parking on grass

Constant use and heavy vehicles can ruin the grass, but we often need the space our lawns provide for parking or functions. Instead of removing the grass and placing concrete or asphalt, grass pavers allow you to have the beauty and aesthetic of a lawn with the strength required for practical use. Some councils require a certain amount of lawn to be maintained on a property so again by using pavers you can have grass as well as parking space.

Residential Porous Paver

Ideal for gravel driveways

If you don’t need or want the hassle of grass maintenance, porous pavers also work great for gravel driveways. Installing permeable paving I easy and you can fill with loose gravel or stones and preventing the surface from being kicked up or being affected as much by water runoff. It also provides strength and stability to your land. Permeable driveways are a great way to affordably improve your home.

gravel pathway in summer park

Simple Installation

Porous pavers are the perfect answer to the common problem of council soft-landscaping rules (Australian councils generally require at least 15% of your property to be soft landscaped). What’s more, you can install them yourself, with simple interlocking all that is required.

It couldn’t be easier to see how porous pavers are the answer for anyone looking to increase the use of their landscaped areas without ruining the design, style, and feel. Get the best of both worlds with our high quality products.

With porous pavers, you can now have that soft look without compromising on the usability of your yard. And no matter what your situation, All Stake Supply will have a porous paver solution to suit.

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