Turf Reinforcement Mesh

TR4 turf reinforcement meshes have been specially designed, using carefully selected high density plastics, to allow permanent light trafficking only – light vehicle, (eg. wheelchair, golf cart, bicycle),  or pedestrian – to grassed areas where and when this would not normally be considered.  Turf Reinforcement mesh helps to reduce grass wear, rutting and damage by spreading loads and creating a stronger root base and so retaining a natural, structure free grass cover. TR4 is suitable for dog areas to prevent digging and free range chicken farms.

TR4 grass reinforcement meshes have been specially designed to allow quick and maximum grass entanglement and a reinforced structure. The plastic mesh will quickly disappear into the grass producing an invisible reinforced natural looking grass surface.  TR4 mesh is intended to give extra strength and a footprint to the top grass surface protecting the grass root structure and so abrasion is greatly minimised.

Turf Reinforcement is a cost-effective and easy-to-install grass solution ideal for permanent and temporary applications.


  • Infrequent light vehicle movement
  • Access to grass areas normally closed off to traffic
  • Pedestrian grassed areas/walkways
  • Grass paths
  • Lawn reinforcement
  • Dog and pet run grassed areas
  • Free range chicken farms.

Steel Fastening pins are not included, available online.

Price: TR4 1 x 10m roll – $107.80 per roll
             TR4 2 x 30m roll – $484.00 per roll 

5 Steel Fastening pins / m2
Price: Steel fastening pins pack of 50 – $25.30 per pack

  • Overflow grass car parks
  • Pedestrian grassed walkways
  • Wheelchair access routes
  • Dog and Pet Play areas
  • Stop chickens scratching through lawns
  • Fast and cost effective installation compared to plastic paving grids
  • No excavation or soil removal necessarily required
  • Improves access to areas in wet and dry conditions
  • Allows vehicle movement on areas previously inaccessible
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