Lawns create beautiful recreational space in our homes and maintaining it is important. However, lawn trafficked by cars, pets and kids can create a bare patch of dirt. Parking on grass, dog running tracks along fence lines causes wear, compaction and rutting which prevents grass growing. Having reinforced grass prevents this damage by protecting the root zone and stopping compaction.

Designed as a DIY installation All Stake Supply provides detailed downloadable installation instructions on this website or you can view our YouTube installation videos. Alternatively we can arrange accredited landscape companies to install the grass protection products.

What can grass reinforcement do for my lawn?

  • Cars can park on the lawn without damaging the grass
  • Kids and dogs can run and play on grass
  • Stabilises soil that contributes to healthy growth of grass
  • Mow the grass without removing the grass reinforcement
  • DIY installation videos available
  • Prevents muddy surface especially in wet conditions
  • Creates an aesthetically pleasing grass cover
  • Stops chicken scratching through the lawn


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