EconoGrid 40® Gravel

EconoGrid40® Gravel™ is an economical porous reinforced paver used for creating permeable driveways, pedestrian and road paths. It makes a great alternative to concrete and suitable for gravel areas.

Econogrid 40® provides a vehicle access solution that costs less than concrete and is pervious enabling you to comply with soft landscaping regulations. Councils generally required over 15% of your commercial property to be soft landscape.

Porous Paving systems reduce the need for expensive drainage solutions and storm water retention requirements whilst replenishing water to landscape areas and presenting an aesthetically pleasing site.

Designed as a DIY installation All Stake Supply provides detailed downloadable installation instructions on this website. Alternatively we can arrange accredited landscape companies to install the grass protection products.

  • Parking areas
  • Nature Strip
  • Caravan parks
  • Emergency vehicle access
  • Horse and livestock stables
  • Car and Bus access
  • Patented design allowing load bearing capacity up to 150 t/m2
  • Manufactured from 100% high density polyethylene
  • Tested in accordance with ASTM D1621-10
  • Aesthetically pleasing and free draining reinforced surface
  • Indent cells allow grass to spread and grow unencumbered
  • Unique Interlocking system lends to a faster installation process
All products follow flat fee rates
$27.50 Including GST per m2

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