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How driveway pavers can help your gravel driveway

If you need a driveway that is durable, inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing, few would look past the option of gravel driveways. But, just laying down gravel comes with its own set of problems, such as the creation of uneven surfaces, gravel shifting everywhere, and cars being caked in the dust that is whipped up as they drive over the gravel. One of the ways that you can remove all the issues associated with gravel driveways is to install driveway pavers.

Driveway pavers are designed to provide your gravel driveway with strength and to provide your driveway with structure necessary for bearing the load of vehicles. As well as this, driveway pavers also prevent loose gravel from migrating away from the driveway, so your driveway will look as good as the day it was first installed.

What’s the difference between pavers and driveway pavers?

Although they sound very similar, and they both can be used to form driveways, pavers and driveway pavers are vastly different from one another. Pavers are a solid stone that is used to develop driveways, patios and footpaths. As pavers can also be used for decorative purposes, they can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

On the other hand, driveway pavers are designed to be set into the ground and covered with a loose substance, such as dirt or gravel. Rather than making up the driveway as pavers do, driveway pavers are designed to reinforce the ground they’re set into, giving the ground enough strength for it to be used as a driveway without enduring any damage from traffic.

Driveway pavers can also help prevent your driveway from retaining water, meaning that the possibility of your driveway suffering from water damage is greatly reduced. Finally, as not a lot of material is required to make and install driveway pavers, they are an effective and affordable solution if you need to make a driveway out of any surface, including beds of grass and gravel.

Our range of driveway pavers

When you work with All Stake Supply, you know that you’ll be getting the best driveway pavers in the Sydney Metropolitan area, with our EconoGrid 40 reinforced paver. The EconoGrid 40 is perfect if you want to bring strength and reinforcement to your gravel driveway. It also eliminates the need for you to pay for expensive drainage systems and will also reduce any of your driveway’s potential maintenance costs.

Another benefit of driveway pavers is that are easy to install and uninstall, meaning that there’s no need for you to pay landscapers to install and uninstall it for you, and is also eliminates any commitments that you make with where you want your driveway to be. This means that driveway pavers are perfect for commercial uses, such as expansions of sites or changes in site layouts.

How do I install my driveway pavers?

If you want a driveway that’s quick and easy to install, look no further than driveway pavers. After the ground has been prepared, the driveway pavers simply need to be laid over the prepared ground, and then the loose material of choice, such as dirt or gravel needs to be laid over the top of it. This ease of installation means that driveway pavers are the perfect solution for those who want to build driveways or carparks over a large area.

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If you want a gravel driveway without all the hassle that comes with owning a gravel driveway, then consider using driveway pavers to reinforce your gravel driveway and provide it with all the structure and strength of a gravel driveway without all the commitment. If you know that your driveway would benefit from the installation of driveway pavers, call All Stake Supply today on 1300 130 123.

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