Driveway Pavers

Gravel driveways have always been a popular choice in Australia, particularly for home driveways, extra residential car parking spaces or commercial carparks. For cost-effectiveness and longevity in a driveway material, gravel is hard to beat. The one weakness of gravel is that it tends to move around over time, with vehicles eventually creating potholes, mounds and channels on the surface, resulting in costly maintenance. This movement can also compact the pebbles making the surface impermeable kicking up water and dust, dirtying the cars using the driveway as well as the surrounding buildings.

All Stake Supply’s gravel pavers manage to fix all of the negatives of gravel driveways. Giving structure and strength to the gravel stopping compaction and the migration of pebbles / gravel across the driveway, eliminating maintenance requirements. Read through our installation guides to see how you can installed gravel pavers yourself or view the case studies of site that have proven the gravel pavers worth.

No matter what vehicles will be using your driveway, from scooters to road trains, All Stake Supply has a gravel driveway solution to suit.


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